In December 2013, UNATC I.L.Caragiale received the official Erasmus Charter awarded under the Erasmus+ programme from the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA).


For more information please consult our International European Strategy and also the university’s guide.

Deadline for application
The deadline for incoming Erasmus student exchange applications to the National University of Theatre and Film I.L.Caragiale:

  • for 1st Semester: 15th of May
  • for 2nd Semester: 15th of November

The 1st semester begins on 1st of December and ends in the middle of February. The 2nd semester starts in the middle of February and ends in the middle of June.

Erasmus application documents required:

Erasmus application documents should be sent by e –mail ( and by post to the following address:

  • UNATC I.L.Caragiale
  • Matei Voievod St. 75-77
  • 2nd district, Bucharest
Short description of our university:

The National University of Theatre and Film I.L.Caragiale was established 160 years ago and it is the oldest, most valued public high-education institution in Romania activating in both the fields of Theatre and Film. Since the beginning UNATC continuously developed and re-shaped, adapting to the Bologna process, accrediting new BA and MA programmes, being the largest and having the best reputation of all the theatre schools or film schools in Romania. At the present moment, UNATC has two faculties and a doctoral studies school. UNATC has 841 students, 123 full-time academic and 147 non-academic and administrative staff. UNATC is composed of Theatre Faculty and Film Faculty, both managing the educational process at the 1st and 2nd cycles (bachelor and master degree programmes), as full‐time programmes. The activity of the 3rd cycle (doctoral degree programmes) is managed by the Doctoral School, restructured since 2008, and includes two doctoral fields and four research groups. UNATC has two Research Centers: one for Theatre and another one for Film.

The Film Faculty. We believe in cinema as an art that can synthesize our times better than any other. We believe in its power to transform communication as we know it. We believe in its power to revolutionize global culture and individual consciousness. The Film Faculty’s defining concept is teamwork. A film is seen as the product of the union of creative energies emanating from all the Faculty’s departments. The UNATC Film Faculty is a member of CILECT and GEECT.

Students of ours from both faculties and many of our alumni participated in national and international festivals receiving awards for their work (just to mention a few: film director Cristian Mungiu – Palme d’or for “4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days” and Best Screenplay for “Beyond the Hills” at Cannes Film Festival; film director Corneliu Porumboiu – Camera d’or for “12:08 East of Bucharest” at Cannes Film Festival; acting student Cosmina Stratan – Best Actress for “Beyond the Hills” at Cannes Film Festival; film director Calin Peter Netzer – Golden Berlin Bear for “Child’s Pose” at Berlin International Film Festival).

Mission, norms and values of our university

UNATC’s mission is defined by two fundamental axes:

  • the training of young artists and professionals in the fields of theatre and film at a professional level of excellence;
  • the maintenance of institutional standards for the preservation, enhancement and transmission of the specific values associated with these arts;
  • promoting innovation and excellence, critical thinking and creativity through individual and collective artistic creation, scientific research and dissemination of results in national and international context;
  • protection of cultural identity, promoting and supporting the diversity of forms of expression and creative content;
  • protection of the university democratic framework based on respect for fundamental rights and freedoms;
  • active citizen participation in society, promoting social inclusion and entrepreneurship for good relations with labor market.;

In carrying out its mission, UNATC’s main priority is finding and selecting the best students, regardless of their social, economic or cultural backgrounds. The UNATC mission is national because, by the strength of its results and tradition, it has established standards of academic quality and achievement that are relevant for all specialized faculties across the country. By this point, the fundamentals of teaching methods developed across decades by UNATC professors of high professional authority are embraced by all Romanian educators in the fields of theatre and film, and are a basis for national accreditation standards. At the same time, UNATC encourages and promotes novelty and experiment, the assertion of new concepts and artistic trends through both artistic work and research in the fields of art theory and aesthetics. This emphasis on novelty in artistic creation and research creates prerequisites for the successful integration of new generations of artists in the national and international cultural context and in contemporary society.

The curricula are designed to provide the core knowledge and professional skills needed to carry each craft or specialization to the highest levels of achievement. At the same time, the artistic education is, to the largest possible extent, student-centered, attaching great value to the uniqueness of artistic personality. The standard quality assurance programmes successfully cover the material issues and problems of basic professional skills, but are less suitable for evaluating the personalized relationship – in the apprentice-master paradigm – specific for the advanced stages of artistic apprenticeship.


UNATC I.L.Caragiale is located in Bucharest, the capital city of Romania, an ap. 2.000.000 people city, largest in the country, the most important cultural, economical and industrial pole of Romania. Some of the best Romanian theatres, all the major film production companies, the National Television and most of the central commercial television stations are located here. Lonely Planet finds our city dynamic and energetic with great museums and parks.


All Erasmus students can be accommodated at reasonable prices in our Dormitory situated close to the university. The price for a single room is 400 lei (around 90 euro), but you can also choose to share a room with another Erasmus student.

For further information about the courses catalogue or questions about the application process, please contact our Erasmus coordinator:
Erasmus Coordinator
UNATC I.L.Caragiale

Matei Voievod, 75-77
2nd district, Bucharest

Tel.: +40745-249 102