Video Editors – European Hip Hop Exchange 2022

On the occasion of this year’s European Hip Hop Exchange in 2022, our team has the honor to present its project to you:

The European Hip-Hop Exchange 2022 brings together 21 German, French and Romanian artists from seven disciplines – rap, beatbox, graffiti, dance, turntablism, beatmaking + photos/video – between May and October to produce an interdisciplinary showcase.

The group of 21 artists is evenly distributed across the three countries and has a balanced gender ratio. Seven of the participants are alumni of the European Hip-Hop Lab, which took place digitally in 2020. These seven artists are also professionals in their field and act as mentors within the group.

The 21 artists will come together for the first time in Bucharest in May.

For this special occasion, we are looking for local video editors in Bucharest who would like to join us in the project and artistically document the event with their own personal style. Our mentor for photo/video will be onsite in Bucharest to help. Be part of the European HipHop Exchange 2022 and took this opportunity to create a special Reel with 21 artists from 3 different countries!

You can find more Information here:

Contact: Micușca Tiberiu Cristian Mail: Phone : 0741 019 495