Scenograf/ Operator sunet/ Tehnician lumini

Student la master la University of East London, sectiunea de Filmmaking, produc un scurt metraj numit ‘Sanziana – The cursed flower’ ca parte a proiectului de disertatie, avand o durata de aproximativ 15-20 minute.

Se cauta membri pentru a face parte din echipa de productie:

– Scenograf

– Operator sunet si Boom

– Tehnician Lumini

Fiind un proiect cu bugetul de maxim £800, rolul nu va fi platit, dar se vor asigura transportul, cazarea si mancarea pe durata zilelor de filmare. Dupa editare, scurtmetrajul va fi trimis la festivaluri de film.

In legatura cu productia in sine, filmarile vor avea loc in perioada 22-26 Iulie 2019, la o cabana din Muntii Piatra Craiului, Jud. Arges.

Rezumatul scurtmetrajului:

Sara is back to Romania to go on her long-wished expedition with her boyfriend Bogdan. She is travelling in her car to meet him first, but her journey involves her travelling through fairy forest. While traveling her car breaks down at midnight in the forest. While looking for a mechanic she comes across Stella, a woman who lives with her son, Ioan in the forest. She offers Sara to stay at the villa for the night. They both have a glass of wine when they start hearing sounds of people dancing from the forest. Stella and Sara go and watch the ‘dance of the fairies’. While seeing the dance, one of the dancers gives both a yellow flower. Back home Sara puts the flower on the bedside table next to her. Next day Sara wakes up feeling abused and tries to find out what happened the previous night.


Production Manager: Vasile Badoiu

E-mail address:

Phone number: 00447459317516

WhatsApp: 00447459317516