Production Assistant

I’m seeking a Romanian based production assistant to help me bring together my shoot in Romania for my documentary on the 17th July to 26th July 2019. I am a British first time independent filmmaker and my story is about my family friend Maggie, who spent time in Romania in 1991-1992. The film is about her now in her 70s, reflecting on the work she did in Romania and now we are reuniting her with her former colleagues. I need someone who has experience of dealing with production paperwork for shooting. This would be release forms for talent and locations in Romanian, making sure we have permission to film in public places for the cities of Bucharest, Brasov and Bacau and suggesting locations.

As this is a self-funded personal project, I can offer a small fee for this work, which we can discuss.



Please respond soon to this email address if you are interested or have further questions: